Gisaza - Assassin EP

by Gisaza



Gisaza -Assassin EP

A1: Gisaza - Assassin
A2: Gisaza - Sandu's Tale (vinyl exclusive)
B1: Gisaza - Gilgamesh
B2: Gisaza X FLO - Kengamesha

Label: DeepEnd! X PDV
Release-date: 18.05.2018
Format: 12” Vinyl
Distribution: PDV, Bandcamp

@signalfireofficial review:
Emerging out of Slovenia, the venerated sound system culture collective and imprint DeepEnd! has already conjured a notable storm of positive reception - both through their fiery debut 12” and a gold mine of digital outings to date. As the dust settles, an enigmatic producer of unknown origin takes shape. Gisaza has been shrouding himself in secrecy - only a streak of thunder breaking through in form of a musical prologue (Vampire EP), setting the tone for this undeniably massive four-track vinyl release.

‘Assassin’ takes no captives, delivering murderous vibes straight to the point. Equipped with haunting foley samples and swing-infused drums, the executioner takes form of a grimy half-time stomper, embedded in psychedelic subtlety. Slaying everything along its path - the heated beat continues to amplify itself until there’s nothing left to obliterate.

‘Sandu’s Tale’ tells of a mystical story - hooded in low-end prowess. Decorating the space-time continuum with its hypnotic melody, vinyl crackles and gusts of wind complete the immersion. Setting fire to the air, a meticulously designed array of sub excursions fires its intrinsic weight alongside gratuitous amounts of distortion and ponderous drum switch-ups.

The sonic reincarnation of the mythological figure of ‘Gilgamesh’, throwing you off the cliff into a world of ancient harmonies, swift sub-bass and a sense of imminent danger - ruling the dance in a way that suits a king. Stepping forth with naughty mids and lavishly decorated atmosphere, the break deceives you with hypnotic arpeggios, reeling you into an abysmal sphere of ancient despair and impeccable weight soon after.

Reconstructing your battered self with strings like suede, ‘Kengamesha’ does a most beautiful job at concluding the entirety of this extensive sonic exposition - combining mesmerising, harmonic movements with Gisaza and FLO’s outstanding drum works as well as compositional and bass-driven excellence.



released April 20, 2018

Mixed and Engineered by: Gisaza & D.Jurca
Mastering: Petar Dundov
A&R: M.Divjak

Artwork by: M7grafiks


all rights reserved



DeepEnd! Ljubljana, Slovenia

"A like-minded group of individuals conspiring to advance their SoundSystem culture concepts."


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